Website/Mobile App Engagement Hub
Wisely plan to boost your user engagement
How do you increase the desired actions your website/ mobile app visitors or users take? With a well-planned engagement strategy! Start planning your engagement tactics now to achieve higher conversion rates, more revenue, and brand loyalty.
What Does Website/App Engagement Hub Include?
The Website/App Engagement Hub includes a Website/App Engagement Planning Tool, linked to your brand and personas. With this tool, you'll be able to create user engagement plans for your app and/or website, with as many growth tactics as you want. You will also be able to access some tips, view and delete your completed plans as well as take other actions.
Plan your user engagement tactics for encouraging your visitors to subscribe, purchase, share your content on social media, take surveys or just stay longer.
Website/Mobile App Engagement Planning Tool
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Learn how to build and manage an effective website/app engagement strategy from website/app creation to engagement tactics and measuring to optimisation. Access course videos, tips & tactics, templates, quizzes and more.
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