Website / Mobile App Engagement
In this course, you will discover the essential steps to build a website/mobile app, website/app engagement tactics, website/app engagement metrics & tools - everything you need to achieve a successful user engagement strategy.
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21 Minutes
Website / Mobile App Engagement
Introduction to Website & Mobile App Engagement
Why is Engagement Essential for My Business?
Website Engagement
Website Creation Steps
Tips: Landing Page Optimization
Website Engagement Tactics
Tips: Create Easy Purchase Steps In Your Website
Tips: Use Behavior Analytics Tools
Tips: Use CTAs on Your Website
Website Engagement Metrics
Tips: Business Metrics Associated With Validation of UX
Tips: A/B Tests on Landing Pages
Tips: Run Personalized Landing Page Campaigns
Website Engagement Tools
Mobile App Engagement
Mobile App Creation Steps
App Engagement Tactics
Tips: First Open Tutorial Screens on App
Tips: Reduce Your App Size for ASO
Tips: Take Advantage of the Device’s Capabilities
Real-Life Examples of Successful App Engagement Tactics
App Engagement Metrics & Tools
Website & Mobile App Engagement Recap
Practical Exercise
How to Create Website/Mobile App Engagement Plans in Growth-Driven Marketing
Student Reviews
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