Paid Media Marketing
This course will allow you to understand the key paid media terms, the most important paid media platforms and the essentials to monitor paid media activities - everything you need to know to plan, execute and optimise your paid media - PPC campaigns.
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47 Minutes
Paid Media Marketing
Introduction to Paid Media
Why is Paid Media Essential for My Business?
Fundamentals of Paid Media Marketing
Key Paid Media Terms
The Ultimate Guide to Pay Per Click
Paid Media Platforms
Paid Media Platforms: Google
Campaign Models
Setting Goals
Google Ads Components
Conversion Tracking – For Websites
Conversion Tracking – For Apps
Conversion Tracking – For Phone Calls
Tips: Keyword Insertion
Tips: Target Your Competitor's Brand Name
Tips: Pause Keywords With Low Quality Scores
Tips: Google Ads Recommendations
Tips: Create A Google Campaign via Similar Audiences
Tips: Geographical Based Google Ad Campaigns
Tips: Use Lead Form Extensions In Search Ads
Paid Media Platforms: Bing Ads
Highlights and Distinctive Features of the Microsoft Advertising Platform
Tips: Take Advantage of Microsoft Advertising
Paid Media Platforms: Criteo
Highlights and Distinctive Features of Criteo
Paid Media Platforms: Twitter
Introduction to Twitter Ads
Creating a Twitter Ads Campaign
Twitter Campaign - Targeting
Twitter Ad Publish
The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Advertising
4 Tips for Twitter Advertising
Paid Media Platforms: LinkedIn
Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
Creating a LinkedIn Campaign
LinkedIn Campaign - Targeting
LinkedIn Campaign – Ad Format & Budget
LinkedIn Ad Publish
The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Advertising
Tips: Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
Tips: Linkedin Ads Group Targeting
Paid Media Platforms: Facebook and Instagram
Introduction to Facebook and Instagram Ads
Creating Facebook and Instagram Campaign
Creative Sets, Audiences, and Targeting
Ad Publish
The Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Advertising
Tips: Use Instagram Story Ads Polls
Tips: Use Facebook Lead Ads
Tips: Use Lookalike Audiences In Facebook Ads
Tips: Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
Paid Media Platforms: Quora Ads
Creating a Quora Advertising Campaign
Quora Advertising Set and Targeting
The Ultimate Guide to Quora Advertising
Tips: Question Targeting Quora Ads
Paid Media Monitoring
Paid Media Monitoring
The Ultimate Guide to Tracking PPC Metrics
Paid Media Marketing Recap
Practical Exercise
How to Create Paid Media Marketing Plans in Growth-Driven Marketing
Student Reviews
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