Content Marketing
With this course, you will learn the essential steps to plan, execute and optimise your content marketing activities, and the key concepts for managing an effective content marketing strategy. Provide your audience with what they’re looking for, while they’re searching for it.
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Content Marketing
Introduction to Content Marketing
Why Is Content Marketing Essential for My Business?
Content Marketing Planning
Creating Content for Growth Marketing Phases
Key Topics for Content Marketing Planning
How to Create Monthly Content Marketing Plans
Content Planning Template
Content Creation
Content Creation For Awareness Stage
Content Creation For Consideration Stage
Tips: Target Long-Tail Keywords For SEO
Content Creation For Decision Stage
Content Creation For Retention Stage
Content Types
Most Popular Content Formats
Content Publishing
Content Publishing
Tips: Content Publishing For Owned Media
Top 15 Content Marketing Tools
Content Marketing Analysis
Content KPIs
Content Marketing Optimization
Tips: Update Existing Blog Posts
Content Marketing Recap
Practical Exercise
How to Create Content Marketing Plans in Growth-Driven Marketing
Student Reviews
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