Earned Media Marketing
Earned media marketing is very effective since word of mouth or a third party recommendation seems to be more believable for your target audience. So, what do you need to do to become a brand worth talking about? With this course, the essential steps to plan, execute and optimise your earned media activities, and the key concepts for managing a successful earned media marketing strategy.
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Earned Media Marketing
Introduction to Earned Media
Why Is Earned Media Essential for My Business?
Fundamentals of Earned Media
Media Types
How to Build an Earned Media Strategy
ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth)
Tips: Customer Testimonials
Content Creation for Sharing
Earned Media Types & Tactics
Tips: List Business Software at Capterra
Tips: Reply to Social Media Comments
Tips: Create Your Own Social Bookmarking Channel
Earned Media Template
Tips: Find The Right Quora Questions
Tips: Increase Website Traffic From Quora
Real-Life Examples of Successful Earned Media Tactics
Earned Media Performance Monitoring
How to track Earned Media Performance
Earned Media Tools
Earned Media Marketing Recap
Practical Exercise
How to Create Earned Media Marketing Plans in Growth-Driven Marketing
Student Reviews
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