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Earned Media Marketing Course

Earned media marketing can be much more effective than your paid media or owned media efforts since a word of mouth or a third party recommendation seems to be more believable for your target audience. So, what do you need to do to become a brand worth talking about?

Join Dr. Eren Kocyigit, founder of NBT, on this course to learn the fundamentals of earned marketing and how to build and manage a successful earned media marketing strategy. 

Course Curriculum

The Earned Media Marketing Course covers how the Growth-Driven Marketing methodology works and where earned media marketing management is positioned at the Growth-Driven Marketing loop. With this course, you will learn the essential steps to plan, execute and optimise your earned media activities and the key concepts for managing an effective earned media marketing strategy. You will have a clear understanding of:

  • Why Earned Media Marketing is Essential for Businesses: The fundamentals of earned media, its benefits and impact on businesses
  • Media Types: Clarifying what Owned, Paid and Earned Media are
  • How to Build an Earned Media Strategy: 
    • Tactics and key points to consider when building a sustainable strategy
    • The ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) concept
  • Earned Media Types & Tactics: Going into details about 
    • Backlinking
    • Guest Posting
    • Republication
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Influencers
    • Utilising Real-Time Marketing
    • Referral Campaigns
    • Viral Campaigns
  • How to Track Earned Media Performance: Which metrics to track, and growth tactics for better optimisation
  • Earned Media Tools: Defining the goals you want to reach and choosing the right tools accordingly.

In the course, you will also see how to create your Earned Media Marketing plans easily with the GMH Earned Media Planning Tool. 


24 min 14 sec

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Earned Media Marketing Course
Essential steps to plan, execute and optimise your earned media activities