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Be one step ahead of the competition

Whether you are a start-up or an established entity, competitor research and analysis is essential to understanding your market and industry better. By monitoring and analysing your competition according to the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), you can gain valuable insights into your competitors’ activities and a better understanding of your brand positioning and customer targeting.

So that you can always be one step ahead...

What Does This Strategy Tool Include?

With this tool, you’ll be able to carry out your competitor research (analysis) in 6 main steps. You will also be able to view and delete your completed research as well as take other actions. Even if you don’t have an established brand, The Growth Marketing Hub is designed to give you the opportunity to exercise each module and process:

  1. Creating Your Competitor: You will define all the components about your competitor in 3P (Product, Pricing and Place) such as their business model, revenue structure, cost structure etc. and have a clear picture of their business.
  2. Competitor Website / Mobile App Analysis: In this section, you will have the chance to elaborate on your competitor’s current website or/and mobile app promotion activities. 
  3. Competitor Social Media Analysis: You will define which social media channels your competitor is active on.
  4. Competitor Email Marketing Analysis: At this stage, you will answer the questions about your competitor’s email schedule.
  5. Competitor Paid Media Analysis: Here, you will be defining which channels your competitor is using regularly for their paid media activities. 
  6. Competitor Earned Media Analysis: You will be elaborating which earned media channels your competitor uses.

How Will I Use This Strategy Tool?

In order to help you to use this Competitor Research tool, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for you. The Competitor Analysis Guide includes screenshots from the dashboard and introduces you to the essential concepts and the terminology with valuable tips and growth tactics. 


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Who is This Strategy Tool for?

GMH Growth-Driven Marketing Strategy Tools are designed for those who want to create a strong growth structure and apply a sustainable digital marketing strategy for their organisation. GMH tools are also highly useful for those who don’t have an established brand and just want to learn. You can benefit from this tool if you are:

  • A traditional marketer who wants to upskill into growth-driven and digital marketing
  • Any digital marketing professional who wants to build and manage a sustainable growth driven marketing strategy
  • An inspired career changer
  • A small-business owner or an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business 
  • A graduate who just wants to learn the latest marketing techniques and methods

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Competitor Analysis Tool
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