Email Marketing Planning Tool
See How You Can Use The Email Marketing Planning Tool
​​In order to create your email marketing tactics and plan in full, you might need the data from your Growth Marketing Strategy input (full brand check-up, personas, positioning, etc.). Before you start, please make sure you have completed the previous steps on the Strategy Hub. However, if you don’t have an established brand, or haven’t completed the previous steps, you can use the GMH to simply exercise.

Create a New Email Marketing Tactic

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View and Manage Your Email Marketing Planning Tactics
​​You can see all of your created Email Marketing Tactics on this screen. The first tactic you see on the display will be the one with the closest due date. You can also create a new tactic / search for an existing one / copy, print, and download your plan as an excel sheet or PDF and remove your tactics from the list.
Brand / Product Tactic Key Persona Email Subject Email Type Target Segment Details Due Date Status Actions
Brand Name
BRA-2 All Personas Sample Title Newsletter Newsletter audience 25/03/2021 To Do
Product Name
PRO-5 Persona 1 Sample Title Promotional Campaign Promotional Campaign audience 30/03/2021 To Do
Brand Name
BRN-4 Persona 3 Sample Title Product Update Product Update audience 01/04/2021 To Do
Brand Name
BRN-7 Persona 2 Sample Title Welcome Email Welcome Email audience To Do
Product Name
PRO-2 Persona 2 Sample Title Triggered Email Triggered Email audience 26/03/2021 Done
Product Name
PRO-4 All Personas Sample Title Post-Purchase Email Post-Purchase Email audience Done