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Why is Using a PPC Tool Essential?

Managing PPC campaigns, even for one brand, can be very time-consuming. Additionally, it is very easy to make mistakes if you are running multiple campaigns on different channels such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Microsoft Advertising. And when you add the constantly changing features of these channels that increase the number of your checkpoints, the process can be overwhelming.

At this point, PPC tools come to the rescue by:

  • Helping you to use your time effectively, allowing you to monitor, analyse and report your PPC efforts as well as track your competitors’ activities in one platform. 
  • Allowing you to make cost control, analyse and measure the success of your PPC marketing efforts for better optimisation. 

The most effective way to manage PPC campaigns is using a practical PPC tool, in line with your marketing strategy and business. So, which PPC tool should you use and why?

We’ve prepared a guide to help you understand the most well-known PPC tools so that you can decide which one is best for your Paid Marketing campaigns.

What Does This Guide Include?

Supported with tool dashboards, this comprehensive guide covers and compares the top 7 PPC tools in terms of their features, pros/cons and pricing. 

  • SEMrush
  • Spyfu
  • WordStream Advisor
  • AdEspresso
  • Optymzr
  • Tenscores
  • Google Ads Editor

The guide also includes practical tips, growth tactics and recommendations for each PPC tool.

Who is This Guide for?

GMH Growth-Driven Marketing Guides are designed for those who want to create a strong growth structure and apply a sustainable digital marketing strategy for their organisation. GMH guides are also highly useful for those who don’t have an established brand and just want to learn for career purposes. You can benefit from this guide if you are:

  • A performance marketing specialist
  • A traditional marketer who wants to upskill into growth-driven and digital marketing
  • Any digital marketing professional who wants to build and manage a sustainable growth-driven marketing strategy
  • An inspired career changer
  • A small-business owner or an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business 
  • A graduate who just wants to learn the latest marketing techniques and methods

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Top PPC Tools
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