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The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Lead Management

Attract and convert your prospects into potential customers

Lead management is one of the most significant methods for reaching, attracting and converting a prospect (who’s interested in your brand) into a potential customer. Moreover, it also covers customer relationship management, customer experience management and customer acquisition management.

Why is Tracking Lead Management Important?

Since lead generation is all about relevant prospects, it can help your sales teams better allocate their time (and your money) to relevant and qualified prospects. So it is no surprise companies using lead generation practices to achieve better sales conversions and higher revenue growth.

There are many concepts to learn about lead generation and management. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled them in a guide to help you understand lead generation, tracking and management, covering all the necessary topics. Enjoy!

What Does This Guide Include?

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from strategy to optimisation phases for a successful lead management strategy such as:

  • The benefits of an effective lead management strategy
  • The necessary tools for lead management
  • Defining your leads and lead scoring
  • Mapping lead generation strategy to growth funnels
  • Inbound & outbound lead generation
  • Lead tracking & lead generation metrics
  • Optimising lead management

The guide also introduces you to the essential concepts and the terminology with practical tips, recommendations and examples. 

Who is This Guide for?

GMH Growth-Driven Marketing Guides are designed for those who want to create a strong growth structure and apply a sustainable digital marketing strategy for their organisation. GMH guides are also highly useful for those who don’t have an established brand and just want to learn for career purposes. You can benefit from this guide if you are:

  • A marketing specialist interested in learning about lead generation and management, especially for a B2B brand
  • A traditional marketer who wants to upskill into growth-driven and digital marketing
  • Any digital marketing professional who wants to build and manage a sustainable growth-driven marketing strategy
  • An inspired career changer
  • A small-business owner or an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business 
  • A graduate who just wants to learn the latest marketing techniques and methods

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The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Lead Management
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