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How to Create a Mobile App: The Step by Step Guide

Learn how to build a Mobile App to add value to your business

Mobile is on the rise. So are mobile apps. As the money spent by users in app stores increased, all entrepreneurs and businesses started to focus on this channel. But the goals, needs and structures of each idea or business are different, as are the strategies and tools they will need to build an application. Learn how to create your mobile app in the most perfect way and create value by easily moving your company or that unique idea to the next step.

Why is Building a Mobile App Essential for My Business?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a company that wants to grow its business, you should be present wherever your target audience is. Ignoring this channel is also a big strategic mistake when mobile devices mean so much in our lives. Therefore, for the service or value you offer, having a mobile application is now a must to meet your customers, to take advantage of direct marketing opportunities, to build meaningful interactions, and be distinguished among the competition by creating brand loyalty.

And then watch your growth structure work like a machine...

What Does This Guide Include?

This step-by-step guide provides 8 crucial milestones to build your mobile app perfectly from scratch. You can find all the information and details that you’ll need to pay attention to in order to create the most effective mobile application - from determining the business need to launching.

  1. Determine Your Goal Well
  2. Research Competitors in The Market 
  3. Sketch Your App Features and Functionality 
  4. Create Wireframe and Mockup
  5. Test, Get Feedback and Update
  6. Start Building Your App
  7. Last Tests and Updates
  8. Go Live

Who is This Guide for?

GMH Growth-Driven Marketing Guides are designed for those who want to create a strong growth structure and apply a sustainable digital marketing strategy for their organisation. GMH guides are also highly useful for those who don’t have an established brand and just want to learn. You can benefit from this guide if you are:

  • A traditional marketer who wants to upskill into growth-driven and digital marketing
  • Any digital marketing professional who wants to build and manage a sustainable growth-driven marketing strategy
  • An inspired career changer
  • A small-business owner or an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business 
  • A graduate who just wants to learn the latest marketing techniques and method

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How to Create a Mobile App: The Step by Step Guide
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