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Website & Mobile App Engagement Course

A successful website/app engagement strategy encourages your visitors to take the desired actions such as downloading your app, subscribing, purchasing, sharing your content, taking surveys or just staying longer on the app/website. So basically, it boosts your user engagement.

Join Dr. Eren Kocyigit, founder of NBT, on this course to learn the fundamentals of user engagement and how to build and manage an effective website/app engagement strategy.

Course Curriculum

The Website/App Engagement Course covers how the Growth-Driven Marketing methodology works and where website/app engagement planning is positioned at the Growth-Driven Marketing loop. With this course, you will learn the essential steps to plan, execute and optimise your website/app engagement activities and the key concepts. You will have a clear understanding of:

  • Why Engagement is Essential for Businesses: What user engagement is and the benefits of a successful engagement strategy
  • The Steps to Build a Website: The benefits of having a website, types of websites, how to choose a domain name and website hosting provider, building a website, choosing the template, setting up pages for your website, content creation and necessary plugins.
  • Website Engagement Tactics: Tactics such as the areas to utilise from CRO, defining call to actions, testing landing pages, creating workflows, utilising chat, optimising blog posts and remarketing
  • Website Engagement Metrics & Tools: The important metrics to measure the effectiveness such as conversion rate, the conversion value, interaction metrics, bounce rates and exit pages with tactic examples
  • Steps to Build a Mobile Application: The important steps to take to build a mobile app
  • App Engagement Tactics: The effective tactics such as push notifications, in-app messages, loyalty programs and many more
  • App Engagement Metrics & Tools: The main metrics to track to evaluate your app performance in terms of engagement such as retention rate, churn rate, DAU, MAU etc. and the tools you can use. 

In the course, you will also see how to create website/app engagement tactics and plans easily with the GMH Website/App Engagement Planning Tool.


25 min

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Website & Mobile App Engagement Course
Essential steps to plan, execute and optimise your website/app engagement activities